Camera Crane at Wedding

A camera jib crane is a boom arm which holds the camera at the end of it. The camera crane operator has a controller which allows him to pan and tilt the camera using a remote controlled pan and tilt head to get the best shot and angle of view possible.
We find that the best use for the camera jib crane is at the wedding reception where we can swoop the camera over the cake, across the dance floor, and around the hall, but we have also shot using the camera crane at the ceremony which adds a completely new perspective. The result of having a camera jib crane at your wedding is a new and exciting camera angle in your Feature Film Wedding Movie or Raw Footage DVD Set. To say the least, it is an epic addition that greatly increases that Hollywood look of your wedding video even more!

Camera Crane at Melbourne Films

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📹 Wahid & Niloofar Wedding Video Trailer
Wahid & Niloofar Wedding Video Trailer + Melbourne Films via @YouTube
Wahid & Niloofar Wedding Video Trailer via @YouTube
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Farzat and Nargis Wedding Video Trailer via @YouTube
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