Why Video is interactively preferred?

The classic video

They can not interfere with the video. Suppose you have seen in the video a super bargain. They want to have more information about it or even make a purchase or place an order. Ideally, now you open a new browser window and GoogleT for additional information on the offer seen. The more video content is thus not observed. This may influence the advertising success of the business. The video message can not really be noticed and will disappear within a very short time from the memory of the viewer.

A long video is shortened by additional contents are saved in the SiMPs surfaces.
It informs the viewer about
◦ additional content, additional product information
◦ Company Information ◦ purchase options
◦ Links to other video content , the viewer Click
◦ Loading shut
◦ If a subscriber. For example, on Facebook

The advantage of the interactive videos simps is that the audience is just active. It can be oriented within the video around, specifically click on the Simps surfaces and be active, for example, as with physical shopping. He looks around and click on the article, what he needs. It can be based on the article, price and availability, and also make an immediate purchase in the webshop. classic video When this is not possible. The video message can not really be noticed and will disappear within a very short time from the memory of the viewer.

One of the main purposes of interactive video is educational. These videos are sometimes used in a way that’s similar to books in terms of basic teaching methods. For example, a book may have a passage that a student must read followed by a questionnaire to determine if the student understood the passage. Similarly, an educational interactive video can be broken up into sections that viewers can watch, and then it can ask the viewer to answer questions by clicking a remote control or picking a choice by directly clicking the video through a computer. Another major use of interactive video is through interactive stories. Some people have explored the idea of creating films that allow the audience to make choices for the characters. These choices could potentially lead to different branching outcomes so that everyone’s experience with the film would be different. This would also create more reasons to watch a film repeatedly.

Hologram Video

Interactive Video

Farzat and Nargis Wedding Video Trailer https://t.co/ZvfLWWrXlD via @YouTube
I just uploaded “Car Burn” to #Vimeo: https://t.co/sHVNcUnd5y
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Hanan and Ahmed Wedding Video Trailer https://t.co/AuefUCeHeE via @YouTube
📹 Hanan and Ahmed Wedding Video Trailer https://t.co/uZWgl6oS5R
Tony & Jessica wedding Video Trailer https://t.co/TdQTIZ9KkZ via @YouTube
📹 Tony & Jessica wedding Video Trailer https://t.co/PvI5m6lJin
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