Real Estate Videos

Melbourne Films Real Estate Video and Photography 

We provide the best real estate videography in Melbourne  complete with motion graphics and color correction in order to WOW our clients.

Why Real Estate Videos ?

Real Estate Videos are an effective marketing tool for promoting your business in popular online video streaming websites such as YouTube and Google Video. These are just some of the websites that real estate agents are now using to place their listings in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers all around the world. Do you want save time and money and rise above the competition online? Let customers find your video tours as results of their keyword searches. We make sure that your real estate videos get online and are available to your potential customers.

“Flawlessly, first time. Every time”.

How this works ?

 Film your video on location
 Professional editing, graphics & music
 Distribution of your video across the web
 Custom widgets to display your video proudly online
 Script Writing Assistance

Real Estate Video - Property Profile

Selling or renting a commercial or a residential property ?

With real estate promotional videos it will make your property:
 Easy to find on the internet
 Easy to promote on online
 Attract more potential customers to your property

Simply making your property stand out from the crowd!

Real Estate Video – Agent Profile

Buying or selling real estate is a process that requires:

 Negotiation skills
 Attention to detail
 Ability to facilitate a smooth transaction

As a Real Estate Agent, you will use your expertise to suit your clients interests,ensuring they are getting the highest level of customer service. Therefore, why not elevate your professional profile, distinguish yourself from your competitors, build a local presence and exponentially expand your potential and market reach online ?

How do I list my property? radically updated the features of the property listings pages and now you can embed your real estate video in the same page as your photos and other information.

Now, your property’s video, photos and text are all in the same location keeping your potential client on the page that has  “Email Agent Button.” Agents who incorporate video in their listings will easily gain a significant advantage over all others. Adding a property video to your property listing will engage your customers for longer by giving them the chance to view the property as many times as they want

1. Create a YouTube/Gmail Account/Vimeo Account

You will need a YouTube account for either you as an agent or for your agency.

2. Disable YouTube Advertisements

Your new account by default will be set to show YouTube advertisements which evidently, you don’t want want that on your Real Estate Video.

Be sure to disable these advertisements by:

Log in to your YouTube account and choose Settings

Select the ‘Do not allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos’ button

3. Upload your real estate videos

Follow these steps to upload your video to YouTube:

Log in to your YouTube account.

Click “Upload” just to the left of your username in the top right hand of the page.

On the new page you will see a GIANT gray arrow that says “Select files to upload.” As you may have guessed, you want to click it.

Next a dialogue box will pop up. Navigate to the Property Video you want to upload and click open.

As your Real Estate Video begins to upload you can update the title and description of your property. If you click on the “advanced” tab, you can also set the address where your property is listed. Note: Do not close or navigate away from this window or the upload will fail.

Once your property video has been uploaded, you will see a ‘Share’ button which will provide you with the link for sharing your video when clicked.

Copy the link (URL) of your YouTube video and paste it into the space provided under Video URL in the ‘Links’ section when listing your property on Agent Administration.

Important Information

Videos appearing on must comply with the following (from

Each Real Estate Video must advertise a property for sale or lease and focus predominantly on the property.

You must not use Video to advertise yourself or your agency, except that you may include a transparent watermark of your agency logo in one corner of the Video with dimensions no greater than 10% of the total image size (i.e. 80 pixels by 60 pixels).

Images and sounds in Videos must relate to the property being offered for sale or lease. Displaying a ‘lifestyle’ image or commenting on lifestyle features is acceptable (eg a view from the property or an image of some local environmental or structural feature or amenity) provided the property remains the principal focus of the Video.

You must not use the Video Functionality in a way that is likely to mislead or deceive users of

You must adhere to the technical requirements for embedded property videos communicated to you from time to time.

You must not use the Video Functionality for any unlawful, illegal, malicious or improper purpose. For example it is not acceptable to display images or include commentary that may defame or discredit another person or business; disclose private, personal or confidential information; be considered obscene, offensive, menacing or abusive; infringe the intellectual property rights of others; or violate any law, regulation, standard, content requirements or code promulgated by any relevant authority or industry body.